Since its inception in 2006, Blue Tassel Designs has provided the contemporary women with a modern feminine wardrobe drawing on inspirations from across the globe. 

Blue Tassel is best known for its beautiful and feminine tops, dresses, skirts and sweaters. The Blue Tassel collections have always emphasized exquisite details and vibrant silks upon bodies that are at once feminine, graceful and timeless. Each unique Blue Tassel piece encompasses these key three elements. 

Modern, yet timeless in its appeal, the Blue Tassel aesthetic draws its influence from classic designs while successfully maintaining a fresh and unique approach to fashion. Whether it’s for a special occasion or for your everyday, the Blue Tassel Collection has something to complement your personal style and to leave a lasting impression. 

Blue Tassel holds a global presence in prestigious department stores in the U.S.A., Japan and Korea in addition to many specialty boutiques and online stores.


Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Office: 
M.S. International LLC, DBA Blue Tassel 
163 West 32nd St 
Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Tel: 213-489-1768 
Fax: 213-489-2835